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Day 7

Day 7: Joyful

Adapted from Colossians 3:12-17. And so, as one who has been chosen by You Lord, help me to be holy and beloved. I ask for a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Help me to bear and forgive others, just as You have forgiven me, Lord. And beyond all these things, I ask to be clothed in love, the perfect bond of unity. I ask for Your peace to rule in my heart, for this is the reason I was called to be part of the church. May I be thankful in all things. Let Your word richly dwell within me with all wisdom, so that I may be filled with psalms, hymns, spiritual songs, and singing with thankfulness in my heart. Whatever I do, let it all be in Your name, Lord Jesus, I will give thanks through You to God the Father. Amen.

This prayer describes what it means to have joy in your heart. We have all been in antagonistic atmospheres. This prayer gives us suggestions to help us be intentional about bringing “joy” into a situation. When I ask people these days,“ What brings you joy?” it becomes clear that too many of us are “white knuckling” when trying to be compassionate, loving, kind, and patient on our own power. Each day has challenges—and without the Holy Spirit those challenges can defeat us. Joy is not frivolous—it is the spark within us that delights in connecting with each other. The Holy Spirit wants us to see that nasty, unkind, arrogant, abusive and impatient behavior tramples on the images of God that rest in each of us, until the light from that image almost goes out in people. We can reignite that light and bring forth God’s image as long as we stay connected to God’s most Holy Spirit and allow compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience to rest in our heats. May the Spirit of Peace sit in your heart this day, and may the image of God reverberate in every person you meet. Let’s all bring Joy today.

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