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Days 29-36

Day 29.  Endurance

Adapted from James 1.  Dear Lord, today I ask for endurance when my faith is tested, knowing that endurance will have its perfect result, that You may find me complete, lacking in nothing for You.    If I lack wisdom, please provide me with knowledge of Your ways. If I lack in faith, remove my doubts.  If I lack humility, instruct me to be humble.  Bless me with perseverance, so that I may receive Your crown of life.  I know that every good thing bestowed and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father, with whom there is no variation or shadow.  Help me to be quick to hear, slow to speak and even slower to anger, in all humility to receive Your word implanted in my soul.   My desire is to be a doer of Your word, not merely a self-deluded hearer, so that I may receive Your full blessing in my life.  I ask all of this in the name of Jesus.  Amen.  


Day 30.  Speak the Truth

Adapted from Psalm 119:41-48.  May Your loving kindness come to me, Oh Lord. I claim Your salvation according to Your promise; give me the right answer to anyone who reproaches me, for I trust in Your word.  And do not take the word of truth utterly out of my mouth, for I put my hope in Your wisdom and direction.  Help me to keep Your law in my heart continually, forever and ever.  I know I walk at liberty when I seek Your will.  I speak Your truths before leaders and will not be ashamed.  I delight in Your commandments, which I love, and I meditate on Your statutes.  I lift up my hands to You in praise.  In the name of Jesus, Amen. 

Day 31. Transformed 

Adapted from Romans 12.  Lord, my desire is to present myself as a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to You… not conformed to this world, but transformed by the renewing of my mind, to demonstrate that Your will in my life is good, acceptable and perfect.   Help me not to think too highly of myself, but to have sound judgment according to the allotment of faith given to me by You.   Help me to practice love without hypocrisy, to abhor evil and cling to what is good.  Help me to be devoted to You and to my Christian brothers and sisters, diligent, fervent in spirit, as I serve You with joy.   Help me to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep, being of the same mind and not wise in my own estimation.   I pray that I may be at peace with all men, never taking revenge, never overcome by evil, but always overcome with good, in the holy name of Jesus.   Amen 

Day 32.  Cry to God

Adapted from Psalm 119:145-152.  I cried with all my heart, answer me, Oh Lord.  I will observe Your statutes.  I cried to You, save me, and I will keep Your testimonies; I rise before dawn and cry for help.  I wait for Your words.  My eyes anticipate the night watches that I may meditate on Your promise.  Hear my voice according to Your loving kindness.  Revive me, O Lord, according to Your ordinances.  Those who follow after wickedness draw near; they are far from Your law.  But You are near, Oh Lord, and all Your commandments are truth. Of old I have known about Your truths, that You established forever.  I put all of my trust in You and claim the power of Your salvation.  Amen. 

Day 33.  Claim the Prayer Jesus Prayed for You

Adapted from John 17:1-26.  On the day before He was betrayed, Jesus prayed for us:  Father, the hour has come to glorify Your Son that the Son may glorify You, even as You gave Him authority over all mankind, that to all whom You have given Him, He gives eternal life.  Based on this prayer, I boldly stake my claim for eternal life that I may truly come to know the Father, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom the Father sent.  Jesus glorified the Father on earth, having accomplished the work that was given to Him.  I claim the promise of Jesus who asked on my behalf, that I am kept safe in His name, and I am guarded so that I will not perish.  I ask, as Jesus did on my behalf, not to be taken out of the world, but to be kept from the evil one.  I ask to be sanctified in truth as I believe through the Word.  I pray that the glory given to Jesus will someday be mine and that I will be one with Jesus and the Father.  I look forward to beholding God’s glory.  I claim His Love in me as the Father is in Jesus and Jesus is in me through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.  


Day 34.  The Lord Is My Keeper

Adapted from Psalm 121.  I lift up my eyes to the mountains, from whence shall my help come?  My help comes from You, Lord, who made heaven and earth. You do not allow my foot to slip; You who keep me do not slumber…You are my keeper, You are the shade on my right hand.  The sun does not smite me by day or the moon by night.  You keep me from all evil.  You keep my soul.  I know that You keep my going out and my coming in from this time forth and forever.  Amen.    

Day 35.  No Worries!

Adapted from Philippians 4:6. 13, 19.  Help me to be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let me make my requests known to You.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  And My God, You shall supply all of my needs according to Your riches in Christ Jesus.  Amen. 


Day 36.   A Thankful Heart

Adapted from Psalm 138.  I give You thanks with all my heart; I sing praises to You before the gods, I bow down …and give thanks to Your name for Your loving kindness and Your truth; You have magnified Your promise according to all who call upon Your name.  On the day I called, You answered me.  You made me bold with strength in my soul…though I walk in the midst of trouble, You revive me.  You stretch forth Your hand to save me.  You accomplish what concerns me because Your love lasts forever.  I claim this promise in the name of Jesus.  Amen.              

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