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About Pray. Act. Pray Again.

Pray. Act. Pray Again. features 40 personalized versions of familiar prayers from scripture with commentary on the actions these prayers can instigate in the life of the person doing the praying. It contains prayers found in Psalms, the Gospels, and the Epistles, all changed to the first person. These prayers can help the believer respond personally to God’s call to prayer. The 40 prayers can be used Monday through Saturday. There is a special Sabbath prayer based on the 23rd Psalm to be used on Sundays. Each prayer has a brief commentary to provide context for the prayer, as well as for the actions that might result from the prayer.


Pray. Act. Pray Again. is designed to be a private devotional book  and prayer journal.  It can also be used for a group prayer study.  In addition, the book is organized to be used as a Lenten prayer devotional.



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-Missy Buchanan, author of "Talking with God in Old Age"  

"Pray. Act. Pray Again" embraces a fresh approach to spiritual discipline. Though wonderfully appropriate for Lent, readers should not limit this book by liturgical season. The authors' approach is the "power of personalized prayer" with an emphasis on building a daily cycle of connecting to Christ. They point to C.S. Lewis' understanding that prayer is also an action requiring an intentional response. There are morning prayers adapted from scripture followed by brief reflective messages, and space for personal reflection. They invite the reader to respond again as a follow-up to the day's reading and prayer. "Pray. Act. Pray Again" promotes spiritual wellness that can only come through an intimate walk with God. 


Dee, reader.

Pray, Act and Pray Again is a wonderful tool for staying connected to God and your own values. By meditating on scripture and personalizing it to meet your daily needs, it is the basis for self study as well as assessment. Sometimes we think we live one way, but in retrospect our thoughts do not always match our actions. The journaling required in this book helps us to follow-up with our intentions. For me, I pray, act and sometimes don't look back to see if my actions truly were in line with my beliefs and truly lead me to my intentions. This assessment tool includes a section for review. By reflecting back on the day I am held accountable and this keeps me honest, humble, and working towards a better life. In addition, it does not require too much time, and if I am pushed for time, I often reflect on the previous day in the morning. If everyone did this, the world would be a more peaceful place. I am grateful for this tool.

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