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Day 3

Day 3: Will we appreciate God’s Provisions?

The Disciple’s Prayer Adapted from Matthew 6:9-13. My Father in heaven, holy is Your Name. I am so grateful that Your kingdom has come through Your Son Jesus and that Your will is being done here on earth as in heaven. Provide for me the exact measure I need today to be able to carry out Your will – my measure of food, shelter, finances, patience, faith, kindness, wisdom, peace of mind, discernment, strength, healing, truth, and love. I thank You that You have forgiven all of my sins and ask that You will give me the empathy and love to forgive anyone who sins against me today. I claim Your protection from the temptations and schemes of the evil one. I acknowledge with deep reverence Your kingdom and power and glory forever. I boldly pray this prayer in the Name of Your Son, Jesus. Amen

Our word for today is provision. The Lord’s Prayer helps me to remember that my goal is to use God’s gifts and graces to follow God’s will on earth not mine. Amazingly God has so much patience with us—wanting us to learn by trial and error that God’s will is really the better way. God provides the resources; we get to choose how to use them. Something as simple as gravity is one of God’s provisions. In our Yoga class, our instructor encourages us to feel the pull of gravity on our bodies. We never have to worry if gravity will work. We do not wake up in the morning and think, “Will gravity hold me today?” How many natural provisions from God do we take for granted?


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