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Day 1: Known

Focus word: Known. God knows you and loves you. Who in your life is a person who knows and loves you and is always glad to see you or hear your voice?

Level 1: Choose a time during the week when you will stop and allow God’s love to touch you. What will work for your schedule? Do you have time in the morning? Is there a break in the day that would work? My experience is that I need to be intentional in scheduling things that are important. You can read, pray, and/or reflect. If you want to share anything you are learning about yourself or your relationship with God, send me an email. You can use our book as a prompt, or any other devotional or Bible. Breathe deeply and know you are loved.

Level 2: Begin reading the daily messages in the handout or in the book, Pray. Act. Pray Again. Choose a time during the day that you will try to use as your appointment with God. My experience is that when I clear away the noise of the world and settle into a time of prayer and meditation, God can get my attention. All last night I kept waking up and thinking about how we might bring God’s love into the world. Then I felt a gentle nudge—knowing our word for today is “Known” and how God knows us and loves us and what that means.

Level 3: After you have observed Level 1 & 2 it is now time to think about what it is that you are being called to do. The message I heard last night in preparing for this journey was that I am to love others as God loves me. Before I can do that I have to know God loves me. God’s love is not pendant upon what I do or if I do something well. God just loves me. And God wants me to love the other in that same way.

Level 4: So today I Praise God for caring deeply for all of God’s creation. I admit I need support to love the way God loves. I ask for the Holy Spirit to inspire and instruct me. Then I thank God for the privilege of being a part of a community that will reflect God’s love into the world.

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