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Prayer Warriors for the Earleys

Dear Prayer Warriors,

A very dear friend has had a serious skiing accident and broke his back in two places. Right now he is paralyzed from the chest down. He can still move his arms. He needs prayers for healing and for a good placement in the correct rehab hospital. His name is Barry Brodil. His wife is Jan. They are strong and compassionate people who help everyone.

Yesterday was a day filled with news from friends telling me about serious challenges.

Phyllis R. Earley is going to be caring for her brother, in her home as he is placed in hospice. Phyllis recently walked her her husband and mother through the hospice process, too. Please keep her in your prayers, too.

Life is so brief, and times to be there for each other are really what matters. So if I am not as attentive to this study, I want you to know it is not intentional.

I have loved preparing for this Lenten Discipline, and I look forward to reading your insights. Where I am now is that I have to choose where to put my energy. Barry and his wife, Jan, are dear friends to Andy and me. They are the type of people who drop everything to help someone. They are both in top physical shape.Thank you for keeping them in your prayers. Phyllis is a cancer survivor, a pastor, and she supported me my ministry in Virginia.

I hold all of you in my prayers. I know God is holding all of us in God's arms.

Blessings and Grace,


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