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Day 26: Claiming God's Healing

Day 26

Adapted from Psalm 119:25-32. My soul cleaves to the dust; revive me according to your word. I have admitted my ways to You and You have answered me. Help me to better understand Your Truth as I meditate on Your wonders. My Soul weeps because of grief over past actions; strengthen me according to Your word. Remove the false way from me and graciously grant me your law. I want to choose the faithful way; I want to put your will before me. I cleave to your testimonies. Oh, Lord do not put me to greater shame than I have put myself! I will run to You so that You will enlarge my withered heart with Your great love. I claim total spiritual healing in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Before we can be healed, we need to acknowledge that something is wrong. Many times denial is a was to avoid the pain involved if we seek healing. There is much literature written about staying in pain, because it becomes familiar. Once I bought a generic toothpaste that tasted awful. Each time someone used it, he or she gagged. I insisted we use it up before we bought another tube, trying to save money. When I bought the new toothpaste, I remember one family member shouting—where is that awful tasting toothpaste, I think I learned to like it? I wonder sometimes if God’s way is rejected, merely because the old way has become familiar and comfortable.

In this psalm, David admits he has sinned. He cleaves to the dust of his sin and cannot break loose of it. He is asking God to do for him what he cannot do for himself. It is important for us to assure people that they can give their suffering to God and have it transformed. Will we acknowledge the places in our lives where sin cleaves to us? Will we embrace the uncomfortable change that claiming God’s healing can bring?

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