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50 Days of Easter: Today is Just the Beginning

The 50 Days After Easter: Let God’s Divine Healing Work Through US

Today is Easter Sunday in the Western Church, and most Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Eastern Orthodox Christians have a different calendar, but we all celebrate essentially the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

What Jesus accomplished in the 50 days following his resurrection before he ascended into heaven is rather amazing. He literally changed the world. Now we used to mark history by this time and denote dates with BC and AD (before and after Christ.) However we now use the politically correct: BCE and CE—which mean Before the Common Era, and After the Common Era. I always chuckle at this—because the Common Era began after Christ lived, died and was resurrected. A name change cannot erase that.

So here is my proposal. In the next 50 days I would like to honor how Jesus’ divine healing transforms people and places so that they might live on earth as in heaven. If you would like to join this group—let ne know. I will send brief daily messages and try to use our web page more. Are you up for a spiritual adventure? Just email me and let me know.

Christ has risen! Indeed, Christ has risen! Alleluia!

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