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Instructions for the 50 Day Challenge

Day 1 of the Great 50 Days: What Next?

Dr. Lawrence Stookey describes the season after Easter in the Christian Church as “Easter: The Great Fifty Days.” He believes and I agree, “What Easter celebrates is far too expansive to be confined to one day. So its message of joy is extended across fifty days, embracing eight Sundays; the first we call Easter Day and the final we know as the Day of Pentecost. In the ancient church both fasting and kneeling were forbidden as they were considered inappropriate to this season.”[1] During the season of Lent, we examined how Jesus, as an adult, was tempted, rejected, tortured, killed, and resurrected. The resurrection changed everything. Now the apostles and the people who followed Jesus have to discover what happens next?

Many Christians have spent the last 40 days focused on Lent. A group of us have recorded our thoughts, prayers and actions during this time. However, after this meaningful experience of prayer and action during Lent, I woke up on Easter morning with a desire to continue exploring The Great 50 Days that follow. I felt the Holy Spirit was nudging me to continue my prayers and my actions. At church on Easter morning, Pastor Arnie Johnson preached on the importance of not staying at the cross and moving to that empty tomb and the resurrection.

So, for the next 50 days I will write a very brief daily prayer and commentary as food for thought. For those of you who are in this group, please participate in any way that benefits you. Please know that your feedback will make this process more fruitful. Here are a few administrative instructions:

Please respond to me with your contact information so that I can communicate with you more effectively.



Preferred Email:

Preferred Phone:

Any Additional information that would be helpful:

Would you be interested in participating in a spiritual a retreat if it were possible?

(Whenever you have time please share any insights you have from your readings. If you want to share with the entire group hit, “reply all.” If you want to share just with me, hit reply. Blogging is available right here!

[1] Stookey, Laurence Hull (2010-10-01). This Day: A Wesleyan Way of Prayer, (Kindle Locations 2774-2778). Abingdon Press.

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