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97 Days to 41@100

March 7, 2024

First, I want to say I am volunteering with my husband's team at the George and Barbara Bush Foundation planning a huge celebration for George Herbert Walker Bush's 100th birthday.

You may wonder why I feel so passionate about this---so let me explain. We met President Bush in 1972. Around that time, Andy heard then Ambassador Bush speak, and that speech was both courageous and insightful.

Soon after that, the list of candidates running for president was in double digits. So, like a true engineer, who want's to look at the facts before making a decision, he prepared a spread sheet of all the candidates running for president. Then he compared their experiences and qualifications. He decided that GHWB was the most qualified candidate in every category. (Ask Andy about it if you want to know more.) Andy then supported President Bush in all of his political elections and administrations after that.

Working with GHWB side be side, my husband saw the character of the man. (HINT: you can see more of this theme in the book by Jean Becker entitled: CHARACTER MATTERS. I will share more on that later.) President Bush was a wise, empathic leader who understood not just how to lead, but also how to considered what his decisions would mean to the people who had to implement them.

So, honoring George Herbert Walker Bush; a man whose strong love of country, deep faith, and love for all of humanity world-wide; seems exactly what I need to be doing for the next 97 days. We are preparing for Family, Friends and Alumni, to gather in College Station, Texas. We also encourage those cannot be here with us, to consider supporting this effort in what ever way they can. Please spread the word.

Let me close with Psalm 133.1: "How good and pleasant it is when God's people live together in unity."

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