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Day 11: We Share Comfort

Day 11 Focus: We Share Comfort.

Level 1: (5 Minutes) On my walk today my heart was deeply saddened. I had read the lesson in PRAY. ACT. PRAY AGAIN. (p. 130) about how the soldiers mocked Jesus when they crowned him with thorns, and I found myself weeping. My tears confused me, until I realized that the mocking and disbelief in God continues. As you rest for 5 minutes today think about what it would mean if we gave to God the respect God deserves. Think of the comfort we could share on earth as in heaven by respecting God and all of God’s creation.

Level 2: (10 minutes) Do Level 1. After Reading the scripture adaptation, take 5 minutes to discern what word or phrase catches your interest:

Adapted from II Corinthians 1:1-24, 13:11. Blessed be You, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Father of mercies and God of all comfort. You comfort me in all my affliction, so that I am able to comfort those in affliction with the same comfort I receive from You. For just as I sometimes share in the sufferings of Christ, so also my comfort is abundant through Christ. If I am comforted by God, it is my job to share in comforting others. My hope in You is firmly grounded, knowing that when I share with the suffering of others, we are sharers in each other’s comfort…Finally, Dear Lord, help me always to rejoice in order to be made complete, be comforted, and be like-minded so that I can live in peace and be Your comfort to my Christian brothers and sisters. I claim You, the God of love and peace, in my life and walk. Amen.

Level 3: (15 minutes) After pausing to breathe and reading the Scripture prayer, take 5 minutes to write down what you feel God might be calling you to do.

Level 4: (30-60 minutes) When I was writing this devotional today, my sister called to say she was going to visit a friend who is Jewish and was mourning the loss of a loved one. The family was observing a period called shiva, (SHIH-vah), and she wondered if I knew what sitting “shiva” required. I have a book that I recommend highly. It is edited by Arthur J. Magida and entitled, HOW TO BE A PERFECT STRANGER: A GUIDE TO ETIQUETTE ON OTHER PEOPLE’S RELIGIOUS CEREMONIES. I think every family should have one. The book describes how we can honor others who follow different faith traditions, by participating respectfully in other people’s religious ceremonies. My sister and I talked about what it means to sit with someone during a mourning period. I believe strongly that we need to be fully present to each other in difficult circumstances. Her call reminded me that to claim God’s of love and peace in our lives requires us to walk the walk. Who in your circle of influence is comforted by your presence? Who comforts you?

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