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Day 14: What brings you Joy?

Day 14 Focus: Joy is contagious and inclusive.

Level 1: (5 Minutes) As you breathe deeply today, think about the people and places in your life that bring you joy.

Level 2: (10 minutes) Do Level 1. After Reading the scripture adaptation, take 5 minutes to discern what word or phrase catches your interest:

Adapted from Zephaniah 3: 14-20.I Shout for Joy. I rejoice and exalt with all of my heart. Lord, You take away Your judgments against me; You clear away my enemies. I fear disaster no more! I am not afraid because You, Lord, are in my midst like a victorious warrior. You bring exultation and joy. You are quiet in Your love. Here are Your promises, Oh Lord, which I claim today. You save the lame and gather the outcast, You turn shame into praise and renown, You bring everyone in, and You restore fortunes before our eyes. I sing praises to Your holy name. Amen

Level 3: (15 minutes) After pausing to breathe and reading the Scripture prayer, take 5 minutes to write down what brings you joy?

Level 4: (30-60 minutes) My greatest joy comes when I can participate enthusiastically in the lives of family and friends. The part of the prayer today that touches my heart is how God wants to “bring everyone in.” I remember as a child walking through my neighborhood praying for the people in every home. Joy, it seems to me, unites us—and celebrates each person’s success. In my video today I mention how my grandson was the ring bearer at a family wedding with me—and we both wanted to do the best job to honor the bride and groom. When you think about joy—I wonder if you, too, feel a sense of inclusive reverence. Would love to know what brings you joy!

This is a special gift and it celebrates joy!

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