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Day 7 Summary

Day 7: Sunday Summary


Monday: To ask for a teachable spirit.

Tuesday: To wait for God’s timing and not rush to judgment.

Wednesday: To accept that God’s promises are real.

Thursday: To value both winning and losing and learn from each experience.

Friday: To share God’s good news with the next generation.

Saturday: To accept while we are flawed human beings, Jesus loves and helps us.


Monday: To listen carefully for the Holy Spirit’s nudging, and then to act.

Tuesday: To be quiet when judgments are harsh and hurtful, always taking time to express concerns in a way that is gentle and helpful.

Wednesday: To record and give thanks when God’s promises are fulfilled daily.

Thursday: To be a good winner and/or loser, and to be willing to celebrate with others when they win, and also to be willing to comfort those who lose.

Friday: To be curious about how the next generation sees God, and to let my actions speak louder than words.

Saturday: To accept my own fallibility, and to show respect for everyone, even those with whom I disagree or are estranged.

Recap Prayer: Let us give thanks for the prayers and actions of the people whom the Holy Spirit inspires to show us God’s way. Let us respond as Easter people who live on earth as in heaven.

(The small changes we make can transform us so that our prayers and actions reflect God’s image in us. Please let me know if you have experienced any transformational changes that we can share with the rest of our group.)


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